G. S. Jayasree M. Phil., Ph. D

Professor G. S. Jayasree, academic, critic and editor, is Founder and Managing Trustee of Samyukta Research Foundation (SRF) [https://samyuktaresearchfoundation.org]. Professor Jayasree conceptualised and established SRF as a knowledge sharing platform to critically engage with Liberal Humanities. The Foundation continues her journey which she began in 2001 as editor of Samyukta: A Journal of Women’s Studies, which was later modified to Samyukta: A Journal of Gender and Culture, to reflect the changing face of feminist thought [https://samyuktajournal.in]. Professor Jayasree was also Dean, Faculty of Arts, University of Kerala and Head, Institute of English, the English Department of the University [https://gsjayasree.com].

Professor Jayasree’s doctoral study was a critical analysis of the construction of literary traditions, examining factors leading to historical change from a post-structuralist perspective. Subsequently, she shifted her attention to analysing relations of gender, to engage with the historicity of structures that frame such associations by revisiting a wide range of genres and texts.

Professor Jayasree is particularly interested in analysing the vexed relationship of gender and caste in her native state Keralam, by looking at a vast repertoire of cultural artefacts that include inscriptions on copper plates to contemporary texts of literature. Apart from tracing the intersections of gender and culture, she is interested in moving into English works from Malayalam. SRF supported the publication of the Oxford India Anthology of Modern Malayalam Literature, a definitive collection of poetry, drama, fiction and prose from Malayalam spanning the last 120 years.

Though most of her work is on critical theories of caste, gender and translation, Jayasree is passionate about bringing poetry back to life, and writes poems when the rest of the world sleeps.