Research Guidance

Group I: Issues of Identity & Politics of Representation from a Postcolonial

 Towards a Genealogy of Time: The Fictional World of Anand and Salman
 Mapping Cultural Identities: Literary Representation and Colonial Politics in
Select Works of Salman Rushdie
 Antique Lands and Hungry Tides: The Cultural Universe of Amitav Ghosh
 Constructing Gender: Cultural Identity and the Politics of Representation in
Contemporary Middle Cinema in Hindi
 Jane Austen’s Fiction: A Feminist Perspective

Group II: The Nation in Question: Issues of Communal Violence in the Post-Colony

 The Nation in Question: A Historicist Critique of Nationalism and Partition in
Indian Fiction in English since 1980
 Archives of Communal Violence: Bombay Riots and Gujarat Riots
 The Economy of Photographs: Towards a Critical Hermeneutics

Group III: Cultural History of Keralam

 Literary Narratives as History: The Making of the New Woman in Indulekha and
Parangodi Parinayam
 Life Writing, Counter-memory, Practices: Towards a Cultural history of
 The Self and the Body: A Cultural Analysis of the Discourses on Health in Late
Nineteenth Century Travancore
 Early Translations of the Bible into Malayalam: A Historicist Survey

Group IV: Gender in Performance and Performing Gender

 (A)Sexual Poetics: An Enquiry into Indian Bhakti Cult
 Staging the Female: De-Scribing the Devadasi
 Choreographing Lives: Feminist Analysis of the Life Stories of Anna Pavlova,
Isadora Duncan, Ruth St.Dennis and Martha Graham

Group V: The Meaning of Meaning

 Meaning as Play: A Critique of Śūnyatā and Différance